Prank YOU October 15th at the PIT

Come on down to Prank YOU on October 15th @The PIT, 8pm, $10 per ticket. Reserve here. 

There will be sheets to fill out on-site for live prank calls to numbers you request. Numbers are selected at random, but chances are – yours will be selected!

Prank YOU is BACK with TWO Fall Shows

That’s right – it’s fall and I found my phone, a cord, a lady’s heel, and two venues who will have me:

September 26th @Dixon Place, 7:30pm. FREE tickets. Reserve here. 

October 15th @The PIT, 8pm, $10 per ticket. Reserve here. 

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Soddering Two Cars Together for the Price of One Driver?

I know a man named, “Jazz” who owns his own limo company. I am a woman who wants to create a “spectacle” by soddering one car to another. Enjoy.

All Minor Media Outlets are Saying the SAME Thing: See Prank You THIS Saturday

What is more flattering than having Web sites that no one reads along with ones people actually DO read publicize your show? I will tell you what is more flattering – having people show up for the show they are, or aren’t reading about! Oh, life…check it out:


Darien News 

Events Near Here

Guest of a Guest

Metro 212

NY Daily News


Prank YOU is back for Fall – Mark Your Calendars People!

Prank You – the world’s only live show that features a lunatic making prank phone calls™ from stage is BACK! Tickets are $12 and that includes FREE booze and beer (I mean, what is better than any of the aforementioned activities?). I also take audience requests – what better way to harass a loved one or nemesis?

September 21 – Purchase Tickets

September 28th  Purchase Tickets

October 5th  Purchase Tickets

All shows are at 8pm:

Gotham City Improv
48 West 21st Street, 8th Floor – Buzzer #801
New York, NY 10010

To reserve tickets in advance, you can call (212) 367-8222 and leave a message or purchase tickets on the above links.


Roger Ebert Joins Jesus, My Old Music Teacher Who Died Pruning a Tree, and Others in the Clouds

When I was a small Jew, I would wake up early. After my Mom told me that I was not permitted to speak to her until 7:30am since I can turn on the VCR and watch, “Annie” without her help, I discovered a gentle show called, ” Siskel & Ebert.” I would watch these two fine gentleman discuss whatever movies that were old enough to see and half way pay attention if any of the movies had Patrick Swayze in them.  I don’t know why but I always felt that they should switch names. Roger “Ebert” just looked more like a “Siskel” – what can I say? Well, you will be missed, sir.

What? Prank You is Back for One Apri Show – Outstanding

That’s right folks – I be back. Saturday, April 27th, everything will change. That’s right, everything. Prank You – the world’s only LIVE prank calling show* is back for one show in April:

Gotham City Improv
48 West 21st Street (between 5th and 6th avenues)
8th Floor

For tickets: call (212) 367-8222 and reserve OR

Don’t forget to come with numbers of people you love or hate for me to prank live.



*Please note I have no fucking clue if anyone else in the world is dumb enough to charge people money to make prank calls live, but just shut up and go with the claim

Last Two Weeks of Prank You on Sale NOW

I love a good caps lock to add drama to any post. Get your tickets now while they are hot. Saturday, February 9th and 16th – 8pm. Who knows, maybe your relative, friend, or dirty celebrity reverend might get a phone call…



Prank You Tickets on Sale for January 26th!

What a week it has been for this dame on the run – I was in DC for the Inauguration of President Barack H. Obama and managed to prank call more people than I even thought possible. I am exhausted.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to Prank You this Saturday, January 26th at 8pm at Gotham City Improv.

It will be a hoot and a half. Please bring any numbers of people you want me to verbally harang.



Prank You Returns with Five Shows: No, Really, This Time it REALLY Does

After that bitch Sandy cancelled my last show, I can understand why you are skeptical, but trust me – Prank You premiers on Saturday, January 12th at 8pm. Please bring any phone numbers that you would like me to call during the show as audience requests will be in full swing!

Additional shows are:
Saturday, January 26th
Saturday, February 2nd
Saturday February 9th
Saturday, February 16th

All shows are at 8pm.

Gotham City Improv
48 West 21st Street (between 5th and 6th avenues)
8th Floor
(212) 367-8222

About Prank You:
Prank You is a live prank call show, starring the master of this delicate craft – comedienne, Meryl Van Meter. Van Meter delights audiences with actual live prank phone calls to companies, relatives, dating lines, and even takes audience requests throughout the show. No one is safe!