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Prank You premiered and now there is no turning back…

Ladies, gentlemen, and animals:

Prank You premiered last night to a sold-out audience and wow, what a night! Holiday Inn was very accommodating to a customer who wanted to extend her trip on the off chance she can fornicate with the drummer of a band who was parked outside her hotel room for no reason, while China Fun learned that they can fit eight wheelchair bound athletes in their once handicap-discriminating venue, and the topper of the night was having phone sex with an ex-convict from Florida who’s biggest asset was his “straight teeth,” yummy. Thanks to all for supporting the first of many Prank You shows! Stay tuned for next show dates.



Less than 24 Hours until Prank You hits the stage…hard.

Friends and associates,

Just a pleasant and stragegically timed reminder that my show, Prank You, premiers tomorrow night at the Players Theater at 8pm:

Please note that we are providing some top-of-the-line canned beer and bulk wine so everyone can feel their $20 is going towards something other than watching a maniac make prank phone calls at 30 years old.



Prank You tickets are just blowing off the shelves

Wow people – for my first show, I can’t believe how tickets are just blowing out of the selling portal. I literally need to stand outside the hole and make sure they don’t fall out.  Good thing I am wearing a blazer.

What this means is – you need to get your tickets for next week’s show:;jsessionid=D953FB3AF5DC7FE3361D485D0D2B8188

Prank You Tickets On Sale for June 21

That’s right – the time has come. My first-ever live prank call show, Prank You, is premiering on Tuesday, June 21st at 8pm!

Please get tickets at: