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Peasantry Corner: Moist

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Peasantry Corner is Laughing its Vagina off

Well, well looks like we are taking the show on the road and educating others on ways not to be a Peasant – check it out:

Peasantry Corner: Talking Dirty to Your Baby on the Subway

I had the uncomfortable displeasure of sitting next to a dirty, hungover couple on the subway this morning on my way to work with nothing other than a baby carriage…with a live baby lodged in it! This poor tyke, who doesn’t stand a chance of not being a creep at the stroke of age 15, was staring at his glassy eyed father, when ol’ papa decided to say the following:

“I want to eat the tender meat on your neck…yeah, baby, that neck of yours has some sweet meat! Yeah, I am going to eat it!”

Really? I am all for eating inappropriate things, but really? You couldn’t think of something else to say at 9 in the morning to a one-year-old in a winter coat while innocent commuters were squished next to your family?


I want to laugh my vagina off too –