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Romney Loss Night Prank Calls: Lack of Logistics Causes Romney to Lose

If you wore a purple leotard and leopard pants to a Romney fundraiser and he lost the election, wouldn’t you want a refund? I called the person from the campaign in charge of this event, but she is not happy since she picked up the phone exactly two minutes after Obama was called as the winner. Call it lack of logistics.

Romney Loss Night Pranks: NASCAR Event Refund Request Denied

In my final prank to the poor bastards in Romney’s campaign office who ANSWERS THEIR PHONES FROM A BLOCKED NUMBER RIGHT AFTER HE LOSES, this time I called the gentleman who was the point of contact for the NASCAR fundraiser. Is the event to blame for the loss? I think so.

Romney Loss Night Pranks: $15,000

What does an asshole do when her President wins the election? She pranks any contact she can find on the World Wide Interweb that works for the Romney campaign. This is one of the dames that worked on a private fundraising dinner for one “lucky” couple to have a privte dinner with Mittens.