Meryl Van Meter is a comedian, singer, actress, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Hobbies include going to work, online shopping, and cleaning out her closet. Meryl has performed in various comedy clubs doing stand-up as well as sketch. But enough about the credentials.

Although the phone is a useful tool for getting in touch with family, friends, and food delivery professionals, Meryl has been using it to entertain herself and others through the use of Prank Phone Calls.

Sure, we know what you are thinking…Crank Yankers, 95.5, blah, blah, blah. But hold up! Pranking is the highest form of telephone arts and is one that is going to start bringing in the big bucks for the Van Meter household.

Please stay tuned for updated information on Prank You, LIVE prank call show, and all that is Meryl Van Meter. Because let me tell you – she is not your run-of-the-mill  Jew from Long Island with a chip on her shoulder that causes her to make prank phone calls at the age of 32.

Oh no, people – this is the real deal.