Soddering Two Cars Together for the Price of One Driver?

I know a man named, “Jazz” who owns his own limo company. I am a woman who wants to create a “spectacle” by soddering one car to another. Enjoy.

What? Prank You is Back for One Apri Show – Outstanding

That’s right folks – I be back. Saturday, April 27th, everything will change. That’s right, everything. Prank You – the world’s only LIVE prank calling show* is back for one show in April:

Gotham City Improv
48 West 21st Street (between 5th and 6th avenues)
8th Floor

For tickets: call (212) 367-8222 and reserve OR http://bit.ly/146lL4P

Don’t forget to come with numbers of people you love or hate for me to prank live.



*Please note I have no fucking clue if anyone else in the world is dumb enough to charge people money to make prank calls live, but just shut up and go with the claim

Hotel Maid Steals My Makeup Bag – What to do?

If you have 16 job interviews in one day and your life was kept in a makeup bag that was stolen by a hotel maid with a butter knife, wouldn’t you just call the 1-800 reservation line instead of the police? Pei-Pee would.

Toledo vs. Boise – Who Should Decide?

When a dame can’t decide which airport hotel to spend the night in an, why not make the operator at 1-800-HOLIDAY choose? Happy listening.

Unsexy Phone Sex

Dating lines are just like car accidents…really hot.

Holiday Necks

Looks like the Holiday Inn is refusing a perfectly sound business proposition…

Businesswoman In a Rancid Room

What would you do if you had an important meeting, but your room smelled like a surgical center? You would call the 800 number and let them have it, of course!

Just a Quick Wedding at the Holiday Inn

What does a bride do when she has 30 minutes to get married and is staying at a premier low-cost hotel? Call the 800 number and give them enough notice to get the Beef Wellington cooked and the chairs covered!