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Less than 24 Hours until Prank You hits the stage…hard.

Friends and associates,

Just a pleasant and stragegically timed reminder that my show, Prank You, premiers tomorrow night at the Players Theater at 8pm:

Please note that we are providing some top-of-the-line canned beer and bulk wine so everyone can feel their $20 is going towards something other than watching a maniac make prank phone calls at 30 years old.



Prank You tickets are just blowing off the shelves

Wow people – for my first show, I can’t believe how tickets are just blowing out of the selling portal. I literally need to stand outside the hole and make sure they don’t fall out.  Good thing I am wearing a blazer.

What this means is – you need to get your tickets for next week’s show:;jsessionid=D953FB3AF5DC7FE3361D485D0D2B8188

Prank You Tickets On Sale for June 21

That’s right – the time has come. My first-ever live prank call show, Prank You, is premiering on Tuesday, June 21st at 8pm!

Please get tickets at: