Why I Hate FourSquare

Seriously? Do I give a shit where anyone is at any given time? And seriously? Is it any of your business where I am at any given time? Just think back to a time when you could be anonymous – you know, just breeze into a bakery and decide that since it is a four-day weekend and you are on an insulin pump that you can totally eat a whole pie for lunch?
Now we live in a time where lunatic losers, “check-in” when they arrive someplace to see what the other idiots think of the place they are about to spend time in…WHY? Because you might learn that there is a two-for-one special on a beer? Or you could come to learn that some brainiac that you went to high school with was just at this place last week? Please people, just stay home and become the mayor of your own creepy room.
The only scenario where this could be acceptable is if you get kidnapped, but somehow can access your PDA during the ordeal to “check-in” from the dirty van that is speeding to an abandoned cabin in the woods (where else would they take you?). Then, fine, but don’t expect me to come rescue you. I have a whole pie to finish.

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